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BeenVerified Review

No matter if you are purchasing something from someone online, or you are dating somebody, a brief background check could always save the day. It will offer you quick insight into the big picture and guiding you sidestep costly or unexpected bolt from the blue.



BeenVerified is one of those platforms that integrates an abundance of features and organizes a flawless combination of technology as well as old-fashioned legwork. It offers you a wealth of information and the power to dig deeper.


What is BeenVerified?

In case you didn’t know yet, BeenVerifiedwas established in 2007. Headquartered in New York, this company has one of the most sought-after background check platform available on the market today. The company founded a pair of young business people, and today, it has over 50 employees and more than 100,000 subscribers. What’s more, it boasts ten million visits every month.


  • Tech-savvy
  • Comprehensive standard search
  • Simple to use


  • Option for non-digital searches


Plans and Pricing

One feature, which sets this platform from our background check sites, is that it’s available for iPads, iPhones, Apple Watches and even Android devices. BeenVerified’s three-tiered monthly subscription offers you a break the longer you sign up. It will cost you $22.86/month, $14.86/month for three months and $9.83/month for six months. This pricing is perfect for a single basic search.

Even though the cost is a bit costly for a single search, the site offers you far more information than some other site. It could be a better option depending on how essential it is to get the answers you are seeking.

For an added $9.95/report, you could access extra databases, which offer more comprehensive information such as educational, and employment histories, as well as permits and licenses the individual you are searching for, might have.

The site also goes the extra mile to look out for records that are not accessible online by providing a Court Runner option for locating county criminal court records, which haven’t been digitized. The cost for this offer begins with a flat fee of under $20 and includes any court charges incurred throughout the way.


Why Go withBeenVerified?

BeenVerified does excellent work for meeting its basic goals of offering the most information for the best cost painlessly and faster. It is a great platform, especially if you are conducting your first background check. A platform takes your hand and leads you throughout the entire process.

  • Standard Search

The standard search is wide-ranging. It includes criminal information, which is likely you are not going to pay extra for a much more in-depth search.

  • Premium Data

The feature is straightforward to use, pretty much clicking a button to update the report with more contact, financial, employment and educational info.

  • Social Media Monitoring

You’ll also find an option for tracking any changes in the social media of someone you have searched for.



Overall, BeenVerified is an excellent alternative for those people who wish to cut out the intermediary and prefer on doing various searches in a long time.


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