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PeopleLooker is a new but innovative and reliable resource, is a premier service offering a superb, comprehensive source of information on people. It takes public data and makes it simple and fast to find, comprehend and use. This has a combined database which takes the pressure out of reach. The detailed database offers reports which have all different types of thorough information and background on an individual.



Reasonable pricing plans

Commitment to privacy

Mobile applications for iOS and Android

Simple pricing system



There is no live support


Features of PeopleLooker

Search Options

This site can just run on one type of search. That is, a search via name and surname, you can choose any state. However, surname and name are required to begin with. Various background check sites have lots of search choices, giving you lots of time, more flexible and improving you to run targeted searched for unlawful records as well as reverse phone and email lookups.

When the history check service occupies the first list of results, now you can sum your search up by putting in the city, age, and state. You’ll be asked to add the state and the city if the first state is running or working.

Report Information

The background check reports of PeopleLooker are thorough and have all the data a search turns up. Some of the basic information includes age, address history, name, email addresses, and phone numbers as well as a list of a known relative. Also, you’ll get any information needed in details such as financial, criminal as well as license records. Information on Facebook and other social media platforms are also integrated.

Pieces of information are available except liens, licenses, and judgments. However, you can use this information provided the fact that you pay for an extra.


This background check site acquires information for its report from social media sites, public records as well as other sources online. Information as to how frequent the database is updated couldn’t be found even if the researches are tracked.


This site is user-friendly. There is only one search widget. Here you have to put the personal information of the person you like to search. If the search is continuing, the system will need you to integrate a state or city to process more the search.

Your search takes a short time. You can also narrow down your search if you get on the result page. Also, you will know how to do a good search such as trying a maiden name. The result shows the information of the person, then click on which is the one. The results might be thorough, but this site has a fantastic design. The whole thing is divided into parts that make it simple to skim in the report.


Customer Assistance or Support

This site has excellent customer assistance service, even if it’s not as strong as other background check sites. The customer service is available for ten hours only on weekdays and 8 hours during weekends.



PeopleLooker subscription is cheaper compared to other service providers. They also provide a five-day trial. The monthly subscription is $11.82, and a 6-month subscription is $7.82 a month.



In general, PeopleLooker background check provides quick results and accurate reports because it has only one search option. This site is ideal for you as it is very flexible for customized and tailored searches.


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