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SpyFly Review

SpyFly ranks a bit slower than some of the most recognized background check services available today. Nonetheless, it offers timely and sufficient search results that will be enough to satisfy lots of users who are seeking for a background check service today.



SpyFly emphasizes intuitive features and compelling technology. They feature crawlers that assess a plethora of databases and records to offer you comprehensive and detailed results. The platform was founded in 2012, and a California-based company Spyfly Inc manages it.


  • Personal protection services
  • Affordable trial memberships, without necessary upgrades to premium
  • Fast and simple to use website
  • Great social network support


  • Technical glitches
  • Limited to 4 people only
  • No address lookup and reverse phone


Plans and Pricing

The primary offer of SpyFly was $2 trial membership that would begin charging $29.97 every month after seven days. You will find that there aren’t any forced upgrades or marketing pop-ups that will ask you to pay more. That makes it a good advantage for the site.

The only upgrade will come after you signed up for the SpyFly ID Protect. This was priced for as low as $1.96 only per month.


Why Go with SpyFly?

  • Site Speed

The overall usability speed of the site was quick enough for your purpose, and your information request will be finished running in under 3 minutes every time.

  • Convenience

With the help of the site, all you need is the correct spelling of the name of the person you are looking, and you get to know about their information. You can also do unlimited searches, along with the results sent to your email immediately.

  • Support Options

The site does not have a 24/7 client service team; however, they provide support from 5 AM to 9PM PST. You could also reach them through email them or calling their toll-free number. You can also find a help center on their website that answers the most asked questions asked to them.

  • Sex Offenders Database

Another feature which the site has going for them is they feature a database of sex offenders. This is not typical, but it’s good to known. You could have an alert delivered to you when a registered sex offender come in a specific location.

  • Easy to Use Site

The website is somewhat simple to use, that is another good thing about SpyFly. It is not the most intuitive site, but it offers you what you need to do and make it simple to get information. That is more vital than the looks, in the end. What’s more, the reports are easy to read and understand as well, making it crucial for anyone to consider a subscription.



SpyFly offers you access to anyone’s public records. With a simple click of your mouse, you can know everything about a certain person, including his or her address, contact information and even criminal records. You could easily locate a long-lost friend, confirm information about a new staff and know if your neighbor is a sex offender on the loose.


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