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The Case for Background Checks: How They Help Keep Society Safe and Secure

Background checks have become an increasingly common practice in today's society. From job applications to housing rental agreements, background checks are now a staple of many screening processes. In fact, they have become so ubiquitous that people often do not think twice when asked to submit to one. But why are these checks important, and how do they help prevent fraud and protect public safety?

The Importance of Background Checks

Background checks are important for several reasons, but perhaps the most significant is their ability to reveal information that may not be apparent from a person's outward appearance or behavior. A background check can uncover criminal records, financial history, and other important data that can help determine a person's suitability for a job, housing, or other positions of trust.


When it comes to employment, background checks are necessary for several reasons. For one, they can reveal potential red flags that could indicate that a candidate may not be the best fit for a role. This could include issues such as a history of workplace violence or theft, fraud, or drug use. Background checks can also reveal discrepancies in a candidate's resume or work experience that may be cause for concern.


For landlords, background checks are essential for protecting their property and ensuring that tenants are reliable and trustworthy. A background check can reveal information such as prior evictions, criminal history, and credit history, which can help landlords determine a tenant's ability to pay rent on time and to maintain a safe and respectful living environment.

Volunteer Work

Background checks have also become standard practice for organizations that rely on volunteers, particularly those working with vulnerable populations such as children or the elderly. A background check can reveal past criminal activity or other red flags that could indicate that a volunteer may pose a risk to those they are volunteering with.

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Preventing Fraud

One of the key benefits of background checks is their ability to prevent fraudulent activity. For example, in employment, a background check can reveal whether a candidate has a history of lying or falsifying information on their resume or application. By uncovering discrepancies or omissions, employers can ensure that they are hiring qualified and trustworthy candidates, reducing the risk of fraud or other unethical behavior.

Similarly, in housing, background checks can reveal whether a tenant has a history of skipping out on rent or otherwise trying to deceive landlords. This information can help landlords avoid renting to those who may be likely to cause problems or legal issues down the line, saving them both time and money.

Protecting Public Safety

Perhaps the most important benefit of background checks is their ability to protect public safety. In many cases, background checks can reveal criminal histories or other red flags that may indicate that a person poses a risk to others. This information can be used to deny employment or housing opportunities that may otherwise put the public at risk.

For example, a background check may reveal that a job applicant has a history of violent behavior or substance abuse. If this individual were to be hired, they could pose a risk to their coworkers or the public at large. Similarly, a background check on a potential tenant may reveal a history of domestic violence, which could make them a poor choice for an apartment complex or other shared living situation.


In today's society, background checks have become a standard practice for many industries and organizations. While they may seem invasive or unnecessary, the truth is that background checks play an important role in preventing fraud and maintaining public safety. By uncovering criminal histories, financial red flags, and other important information, background checks help ensure that employers, landlords, and other decision-makers can make informed choices about who they choose to hire or work with. As such, they are an essential tool for creating a safer and more trustworthy society.

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