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The Importance of Due Diligence: How Background Checks Help Protect Public Safety

In today's society, background checks have become a crucial tool to verify information and prevent fraud. These checks have helped protect public safety by screening out individuals who could pose a threat to society. They also provide employers with the necessary information to make informed hiring decisions. With the ease of access to information online, it's important to understand why background checks are important and how they help prevent fraud and protect public safety.

Protecting Public Safety

Background checks are an essential step in protecting public safety. These checks aim to identify potential risks that could lead to harm to the public. They help to prevent hiring people with a criminal history or a history of violence. Employers can use background checks to screen out applicants who may have legal issues that could make them unfit for the job, like dishonesty, drug use or violent tendencies.

For example, background checks are crucial in the healthcare industry. Medical professionals have a direct impact on patients’ well-being and must maintain high standards of competency and ethical conduct. The healthcare industry thus requires thorough background checks before hiring anyone. As noted by a study in the Journal of Healthcare Management and Economics, hospitals and medical practices who don't perform background checks are more likely to hire individuals with a history of malpractice, criminal behavior, or even substance abuse.

Preventing Fraud

Background checks help prevent fraud by verifying applicant's work and education history. They also check criminal records to ensure that applicants have not committed any fraudulent or criminal acts. By doing so, the checks prevent businesses from hiring people who have a history of fraudulent activities, like embezzlement, extortion, cyber theft, or identity theft.

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Moreover, background checks also prevent identity theft by confirming that applicants are who they claim to be. Identity thieves may use someone else’s identity to obtain employment and banking information. On the other hand, background checks can verify the accuracy of personal information on an application, such as name, address, Social Security number, citizenship, and education credentials. This verification helps to avoid fraudulent activities and protect the personal information of individuals.

Real-Life Examples

Several instances demonstrate why background checks are important in today's society. In 2019, a Texas teacher was discovered to have lied about her name and criminal record to obtain employment. When the school board conducted a background check, they discovered that the teacher had changed her name, social security number, and concealed a history of being charged with various criminal offenses. The teacher was arrested, and her teaching license was revoked immediately.

Another example is the case of Bernie Madoff, who managed to swindle investors of billions of dollars. Madoff's scheme was so elaborate that it required numerous people to work under him. His co-conspirators were also eventually revealed to have lied about their educational and employment credentials, as well as their criminal history. The background checks in this case would have prevented the co-conspirators from being hired.


Background checks are crucial in today's society because they help prevent fraud and protect public safety. A thorough background assessment can identify an applicant's criminal history, work and education history, and citizenship status. Background checks are particularly important in industries such as healthcare, education, security, and finance, where the risk to public safety is high if improper individuals are hired. These checks also help businesses manage the risk of fraud and protect the personal information of individuals. In conclusion, background checks are a vital tool in preventing fraudulent activity and protecting the public from harm.

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