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The Top 5 Things Employers Look for in a Background Check

background check: The Key to building a secure environment

In today's world, the importance of background checks has become one of the most critical factors in making an informed decision - be it hiring a new employee, renting out a property, or even finding a suitable partner. Indeed, the need for background check has never been more urgent than it is now, when the world is facing an unprecedented wave of violent crimes, identity thefts, and financial frauds.

This post outlines the different methods of conducting a background check, the various ways to do it efficiently, and why it has become a necessity in today's age.

How to Get the Best background check?

Before we dive into the different methods of conducting a background check, it is essential to understand what makes for a quality check. Here are some key factors to consider:

- Accuracy: The information provided should be precise and based on reliable sources. Mistakes in data can lead to legal and ethical problems further down the line.
- Timeliness: Turnaround time can be a critical factor when urgency is involved. A quick yet thorough check should be carried out for speedy results.
- Legal Compliance: Adherence to legal requirements and regulations should be observed to protect privacy rights.
- Quality Reports: Reports should be easy to understand, and the organized data must be presented coherently.

Now, let's move on to the different methods of conducting a background check.

Method 1: Public Records

One of the simplest and most effective ways to carry out a background check is by accessing publicly available records, including criminal and driving records, financial statements, and social media accounts. This method can also include pulling up online news articles or public records to provide a comprehensive profile of the individual being background checked. These checks are especially useful for small businesses, individuals, and landlords.

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Many states have websites that allow the public to access criminal records, court minutes, and even marriage licenses. A private investigator can also be hired to gather all necessary information from public records in other states.

Method 2: Professional Associations

Professional associations can also be useful sources for background checks, especially if the individual has a degree or certificate in a particular field. Professional organizations can provide access to databases that have public and non-public information on their members. For example, a physician who is a member of the American Medical Association (AMA) will most likely have a record in the AMA database, which can provide useful information. However, these sources may be restricted to individuals within the organization and are usually used for pre-employment background checks.

Method 3: background check Companies

background check companies offer services that can be customized to your needs. These companies use their research and analysis expertise to provide information quickly and confidentially. The information provided includes the person's criminal record, employment history, education, credit score, drug tests, and insurance claims, to name a few. The use of background check companies is popular among larger businesses and government agencies. They are fast and efficient and allow companies to focus on their operations while the background check is in progress.


In conclusion, conducting background checks is becoming an essential part of decision-making in hiring, tenant, and customer screening. They're vital in protecting both personal and business assets and reputation. Failing to conduct a thorough background check before hiring someone, as an example, can put a company at risk of litigation, damage to its reputation, and property damage.

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Gone are the days when hiring was a simple process. What has become imperative now is taking the necessary steps to know who is getting access to what and who is coming in contact with whom. The best way to achieve this is through background screening. It may cost some money, but think of it as paying for assurance and peace of mind.

Careful preparation and conscientiousness are essential in selecting the right background check provider, to ensure regulatory compliance and protect the privacy of the individual. In the end, the best method depends on the size of the organization, cost sensitivity, and the kind of activities carried out by the potential hire or renter.

The benefits of background check are clear, and the risks of avoiding them can be costly. By taking a little extra time and money to conduct a background check, individuals, businesses, and government agencies can protect themselves from harm and reduce the likelihood of wrongdoings.

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