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The Vital Need for Background Checks: Ensuring Credibility and Honesty in All Areas.

In our modern society, the issue of safety and security has become a primary concern. Employers are searching for the best ways to protect their businesses from potential threats and ensuring that the employees they hire are trustworthy. One of the ways to ensure the safety of businesses and their employees is by conducting thorough background checks. Background checks have become increasingly important in recent years, and for good reason. Not only do they prevent fraud, but they also protect public safety.

Background Checks: An Overview

A background check is a process of scrutinizing an individual's past records and information. Its purpose is to verify the information provided by an individual, including their criminal history, education, employment, and any other relevant details. Background checks can be conducted by various entities, including employers, landlords, government agencies, and anyone else who may need to verify an individual's background.

Over the years, the importance of background checks has become evident. The rise of incidents involving identity fraud, data breaches, and workplace violence has put a spotlight on the need for more extensive and thorough background checks. In today's society, employers, landlords, and other entities are more conscientious than ever about scrutinizing the past of individuals they deal with.

Background Checks and Fraud Prevention

One of the primary reasons for conducting background checks is to prevent fraud. Fraud occurs when an individual uses deceit or deception to gain something. It could be financial gain, valuable information, or other personal gains. Some of the most common types of fraud include identity theft, credit card fraud, and embezzlement.

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Background checks can reveal any discrepancies between what an individual is claiming to have done or achieved and what is shown in their past records. For example, if someone is claiming to have earned a degree from a renowned university, their background check can verify whether this is true or not. Employers need to know they are hiring honest individuals who won't deceive them or other employees in the company.

Besides, background checks can identify whether an individual has a history of financial mismanagement, such as bankruptcy or defaulting on loans. Employers value honesty and responsibility, and individuals with a history of financial mismanagement may not be the best candidates for certain positions.

Background Checks and Public Safety

In some situations, background checks can help to prevent harm to the public or an individual. A thorough background check gives an employer a complete history of an individual's criminal record, including pending charges, arrests, and convictions.

For instance, if an individual is seeking employment in a school, a background check will show if they have a history of sexual misconduct, child abuse, or any other related charges, along with arrests and convictions. This information is critical in protecting children's safety and ensuring the individual is not in a position that puts them in a situation to carry out such acts.

Additionally, background checks can help in reducing risks in workplaces, such as violence. When an employer conducts a background check, it gives them insights into the individual's personality traits that could pose risks. For example, individuals with a history of violence may not be suitable for law enforcement, security, or other jobs that require self-restraint and clear judgment.

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Real-life Examples of Background Checks

Many real-life examples illustrate the importance of background checks in preventing fraud and protecting public safety. One of the most notable cases involves a woman named Rachel Dolezal. She was the president of the Spokane chapter of the NAACP and a university professor, but her parents revealed that she was a white woman, not African American, as she had portrayed herself for years.

Dolezal's case illustrates how people can deceive others and how a background check could have helped prevent this. An employer, university, or any other entity could have scrutinized Dolezal's background to verify her claims and prevent the situation that unfolded.

In another instance, Uber, a popular ride-sharing platform, was fined $8.9 million by the Colorado Public Utilities Commission. The fine was because Uber failed to carry out adequate background checks on its drivers. The company's screening process was found to be insufficient in identifying drivers with criminal records, putting passengers in potential danger. The incident highlights the importance of background checks and the need for their strict enforcement.


Background checks have become a necessary tool for safeguarding businesses and the public. They are crucial in ensuring that employers hire honest and responsible individuals who won't deceive them or others or take advantage of their position. Background checks also play a vital role in detecting individuals who pose a risk in certain situations or locations.

With the increasing risks in society, it's essential for employers, landlords, and others to conduct thorough background checks. Failure to do so could expose them, their employees, or their clients to potential dangers, which could have far-reaching consequences. In short, background checks help prevent fraud and protect public safety.

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