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Our aim and mission is to help you finding the right Background Check provider. We test, rate and review the best services and providers and show you with videos and explanations how easy it is to protect your online privacy and access your favorite content wherever you are.

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A cookie is a piece of information that a website puts on your device so it can remember something about you or your device at a later date.
We may use both Session Cookies and Persistent Cookies. A Session Cookie disappears after you close your browser. A Persistent Cookie remains after you close your browser and may be used by your browser on subsequent visits to the website.

The cookies on our website are either set by us or by third-party partners and fall into the following categories:

Third-party services


We want to ensure we provide a good experience on These cookies allow us to monitor how visitors use our website. This information provides us with anonymous statistics on how many people visit the website, where they have come from and the pages they visit so that we can continue to develop and improve the website and our services.

Third Party

Google Analytics: Collects statistical information about how you use the site so that we can improve the site (


These cookies allow you to share content from our website on popular social media platforms.

Third Party

Facebook: Social media integration (

Twitter: Social media integration (


Some of these cookies allow us to track the performance of our online advertising campaigns. Others allow third parties to identify what you show an interest in, allowing a more personalised and relevant selection of advertisements to be displayed when you browse the internet.

Third Party

Google AdWords: Tracks performance of advertising campaigns (

Facebook Ads: Tracks performance of advertising campaigns (

Bing Ads: Tracks performance of advertising campaigns (

Affiliate Links

When you visit one of the Background Check providers from our website, it’s likely that you’ll do so via an affiliate link. These links, along with the cookies they set, ensure that we earn our commission when you sign up for a Background Check and in turn ensure the continued operation of our free website.

The Affiliate Marketing Council, part of the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) a trade association for online and mobile advertising, has created a website dedicated to helping you understand how affiliate marketing works.

Third-party cookies

Here is a list of the main cookies set by the third-party services we use to improve your experience on our website and a brief description of what they do.


_ga: Google Analytics cookie used to identify unique users. (2 years)

_gat: Google Analytics cookie that limits the number of requests made to their servers. (10 minutes)

How to control cookies

You can control and/or delete cookies as you wish – for details, see You can delete all cookies that are already on your computer and you can set most browsers to prevent them from being placed. If you do this, however, you may have to manually adjust some preferences every time you visit a site and some services and functionalities may not work.

Here are some relevant cookie information and opt out options. You can use these resources or other plugins to opt out of cookies through your browser:

Your Online Choices
The Self-Regulatory Program for Online Behavioral Advertising
Network Advertising Initiative Consumer Opt-Out

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