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Don't Be Left in the Dark: All You Need to Know About Background Checks


When it comes to job search or tenant screening, you may have come across one term quite often- background check. A background check is a process of verifying an individual’s criminal history, previous records, and financial records. It can be used to help determine whether or not a person is suitable for a role. A background check is performed for various reasons, including employment, tenancy, and even loan applications.

What is a background check?

A background check is a way of getting information about an individual's criminal history, education, employment history, credit history, character references, and more. The process is conducted by a variety of organizations, including employers, landlords, and credit institutions.

How is it used?

Background checks are used to verify an individual’s personal, criminal, financial, and employment history. They are often used by employers to ensure the suitability of an individual for a particular job, to ensure that they do not have a history of fraudulent activity or that they are not a danger to the people and property in the company. Conducting a background check on an individual provides employers with information regarding the individual’s past, such as past employment and criminal history, and allows them to make an informed decision regarding the suitability of that individual for specific positions.

Types of Information Obtained from a Background Check

A thorough background check can reveal a wide range of information. Below are some of the types of information that can be obtained through a background check:

Criminal History

One of the primary things that employers typically look at is the criminal history of a potential employee. A criminal background check will reveal whether an individual has any criminal convictions and whether they have ever been associated with any criminal activity. This is used to keep the workplace safe and secure.

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Credit History

Employers may also run a background check that looks at an individual’s credit history. This helps employers to evaluate a potential employee’s trustworthiness and financial responsibility.

Employment History

Another thing that employers called to verify is a potential employee's work history, which includes information about a person’s past employment, including previous job titles, employment dates and the type of output they produced on their previous jobs.

Driving Record

Some employers who operate a fleet of vehicles or require their workers to drive company cars will request to see their driving record for the past five to ten years, confirming if the employee has any driving violations or reckless behavior.

Education History

A background check will also include verification of an individual’s educational qualifications. This can help an employer to assess whether an individual is a good fit for the organization and the job position they have applied for.


A background check is an integral part of the recruitment process. Employers use it to determine whether or not an individual is suitable for a particular job position. A comprehensive background check can reveal a wide range of information, including an individual’s criminal history, financial history, and employment history. The information obtained from a background check helps employers make informed decisions regarding the suitability of an individual for a particular job position. A thorough background check is not only important in the recruitment process but also in other areas, such as tenancy and loan applications.

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