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Exploring the Vital Role of Background Checks in Safeguarding Society

Background checks play a vital role in society today. They help prevent fraud and protect public safety by providing comprehensive information about an individual's history. Background checks have become a standard practice in many industries, from healthcare to education, finance, and law enforcement. In this article, we'll dive into why background checks are so important and how they help prevent fraud and protect public safety.

The Importance of Background Checks

The main purpose of background checks is to obtain information that can help identify potential risks and assess an individual's suitability for a job or business opportunity. Background checks are important because they help to ensure the safety of the general public, customers, and other employees. Background checks can reveal important information about an individual's past, such as criminal history, driving records, employment history, and financial information. Hiring a candidate without complete information can lead to significant risks for the organization, including theft, property damage, or injury to others.

Background checks are particularly important in industries where individuals have direct access to vulnerable populations, such as children, the elderly, or people with disabilities. For example, a childcare provider who has a history of abuse or neglect would endanger the children in their care. In healthcare, it's important to ensure that healthcare workers have the appropriate qualifications and a clean background to prevent negligence or malpractice.

In addition to protecting the public, background checks have become increasingly important in protecting organizations from financial fraud. Fraud can be conducted by an employee or by someone outside the organization, and it can have devastating consequences. According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, the average organization loses 5% of its revenue to fraud annually. The consequences of fraud can be long-lasting, resulting in reputational damage, lost revenue, and legal liability.

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Preventing Fraud with Background Checks

Background checks can help to prevent fraud and mitigate risk by providing organizations with a comprehensive picture of an individual's history. Employment background checks can confirm an applicant's criminal history, employment history, and education, while financial background checks can reveal an applicant's credit score, debt, lawsuits, and bankruptcies. These checks can uncover red flags that may indicate potential fraud or financial risks.

One example of a company that benefits from comprehensive background checks is Uber. In 2017, Uber suffered a major data breach that left millions of customer and driver details exposed. While no system is perfect, Uber was criticized for its lack of proper background checks, which may have allowed unverified drivers to access user accounts. After the breach, Uber implemented stricter background checks for drivers, including annual criminal background checks, and real-time background monitoring.

In addition to criminal and financial background checks, social media background checks have become increasingly common. Many organizations use social media to check potential employees, and some use software that analyzes social media activity to identify potential risks. Social media background checks can reveal inappropriate behavior, political affiliations, or other information that may affect a person's suitability for a job.

Protecting Public Safety with Background Checks

Background checks are also essential in protecting public safety. Law enforcement agencies rely on background checks to identify potential risks and ensure that potential hires can be trusted with a weapon. Gun dealers are required to conduct background checks on all potential buyers to prevent convicted felons, domestic abusers, or individuals with mental health issues from accessing firearms.

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One example of the importance of background checks in the justice system is the case of Phillip Garrido. Garrido was a convicted sex offender who abducted Jaycee Dugard in 1991 and held her captive for 18 years. Garrido had a long criminal history, including multiple convictions for rape and kidnapping, and was on parole at the time of his abduction of Dugard. Despite his history, Garrido was able to evade detection for nearly two decades, in part due to a lack of proper background checks and oversight.


In conclusion, background checks play an important role in today's society by preventing fraud and protecting public safety. Comprehensive background checks provide organizations with a more complete picture of an individual's history, including criminal, financial, and social media activity. Background checks can help prevent financial fraud, protect vulnerable populations, and ensure that law enforcement officials and gun dealers can be trusted with firearms. As technology continues to evolve, background checks will become increasingly important in helping organizations to mitigate risk and ensure public safety.

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