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Instant Checkmate Review

When you are seeking background check companies, you might not know which service will offer you all the data you need. If you are seeking for a background check company with excellent premium report options, Instant Checkmate might be the perfect option for you.


Instant Checkmate is one of those online background check platform, which generates quick background reports on the people you’re seeking information. The site sifts through a wide array of public records including court records, arrest records, sex offender registry, and criminal history. The company is created to make searching for info hassle-free and easy.


  • Offers three kinds of reports
  • Has people directory
  • Presents multiple options


  • Slow results
  • Added costs
Prices and Planning

One of the remarkable things about Instant Checkmate is their reasonable pricing, flexible level of coverage and comprehensive packages. As an alternative to being stuck into a monthly plan, you can always go for one fee of $29.95 per report. Nonetheless, it’s more economical to prefer the 3-month plan.

The site also has the highest level of info in their premium report, costing an added $19.99, which is in covered in the membership costs. You see, this premium report takes a further step in uncovering data on whomever you are seeking for.

Apart from that information, you can also receive tax liens, foreclosures, corporate affiliations, civil judgments, professional licenses, and so much more.

Why Go with Instant Checkmate?

One of the key features of Instant Checkmate is the flexibility in what it provides. We will go on some of the significant features in this part of our review.

User-Friendly Site and Helpful Blog

In case you didn’t know yet, the site is the best when it comes to user-friendliness. Every time you scan the site for info, you could find comprehensive data on all of the information it presents.

Apart from the site features, Instant Checkmate has a detailed articles and blogs section, which discusses how to utilize the platform. That level of user engagement is motivating when working along with an online business. The site also boasts a mobile app so you could get the details you want on the go.

Location Services

Do you want information about a particular neighborhood? Perhaps you are relocating to a strange area. You can easily type an address and get a comprehensive report on the census data, possible residents, sex offenders, and FBI statistics of that area.

Reverse Phone Lookup

Instant Checkmate enables you to search via a phone number. When you get phone calls from many unknown numbers, you can take advantage of the site to determine whom the unknown calls are coming from.

Apart from the quality data and simple to read reports, this online background check site has a generous amount of phone support and online support if you need it. To sum up, Instant Checkmate is an excellent option with a plethora of options that will be worth your buck and your time.

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