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PeopleFinders provide searchers the capability to run a background check on anyone, anywhere. They can find public records easily for just about every person in the US. Access the data 24 hours and 7 days a week from any mobile device, computer or tablet. Use this site to get useful facts on anyone before making important decisions. PeopleFinders background reports take account of records from local, state as well as national sources.


Membership is not required

Provides a reasonable 3-day trial

Offers thorough reports which are simple and easy to navigate

Enables for multiple search parameters


Reports don’t include details on a subject’s work history or social media.

The reports are not as well as organized as others like for instance details are not shown in chronological order.

Even if the site provides instant results, but they lack available screenings, some employment screening websites provide more-thorough searches like education, security number trace, drug test screening, and employment verification, to help make a more informed decision on whom to hire.

Ideal for:

Parents, individuals as well as those who are using online dating websites.


PeopleFinders has a broad access to public records on almost every adult in the US. This site offers many essential features such as:

Free Preview

Customers who are interested in utilizing this service can check it out first before they pay. PeopleFinders provides a free four step preview that allows people to enter the name of the one they are searching for and then see the list of results to know if the person appears. Then clients must pay to access customer phone number. A one-time report is accessible for a very reasonable charge.

Social Media Searches

This site includes an almost instant social media search that can bring back all public and free results from social media platforms which include online videos and bios and blogs as well.

Flat Rate Pricing

This site provides a flat rate charge of $9.95 a month for basic service. A premium service is accessible for only $29.95 a month and takes account of unlimited access to previous and current contact information, birth and death records, background check reports, divorce and marriage records, criminal records as well as many others.

Automatic Renewal Service

PeopleFinders provide clients the choice of having their plan renewed instantly, so they do not need to bear in mind to make payments every month.

Reverse Phone Lookup

Almost anyone can do a reverse phone search to look for those who have been calling them. Know the phone carrier and phone type for free, or give out a small amount of money for a comprehensive report.


As a whole, PeopleFinders is a reliable background check service provider if you want to do the basic search on a possible employee or business partner. Since the website does not provide a vast assortment of examinations like many employment screening websites, you’re restricted with the details you can discover. This site is easy to use, and if you want to check or verify information like birth date and address, then this is the best site to use.

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