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Peoplesearcher is a precise, reliable and fast people search which is updated regularly, and to have fulfilled more than twenty millions orders today.


  • Precise contact information including email, phone, and addresses
  • Accurate relatives and criminal background
  • Good civil judgment information, which includes bankruptcy


  • The pricing plan is confusing
  • Reports have many ads
How Does this Site Work?

Peoplesearcher works by first entering the name and surname of the one you are searching for and the state or city wherein he or she resides. Then click the search button. Alternatively, you can do a reverse phone search in the field directly underneath.

The results will be displayed. In a best-case situation, you will see the age, place where the person lives, the place of employment, schools attended, and a list of relatives or related individuals. You will see a green checkmark if the person’s home, DOB is integrated into the report.

Report Options

This site offers many report options such as:

  • People Search Report: This takes account of address, full name, DOB, age, phone number, address history, aliases, as well as relatives.
  • Background Report: This takes account of the whole thing found in the Plus report, additionally to criminal check, property report, bankruptcies as well as liens, aliases, neighbors, lawsuits, marriage, and divorce records.
  • People Search Plus Report: This includes the whole thing in basic package aside from email search and social network.
Where Do They Get Their Information?

This background check site gets all the information from public records that are defined as pieces of information or documents which aren’t considered confidential. But, while this detail is available technically to anyone who asks for it, in most cases, you would be needed to visit each government agency, it depends on the kind of details you were searching for like marriage information, address, criminal records, and many others.

Pricing Plan and Refund Policy

People Search Report is available for only $3.95 while People Search Plus Report is available for $9.95 and Background Report is available for $49.95.

The premier plus plan is available for only $29.95 a month, for which you will get one monthly Background report. But, any extra reports ordered will have an additional price.

Peoplesearcher offers a 7 day trial for only $7.95. Upon expiration of the trial mode, you will be instantly enrolled in the premier plus plan so meaning you will keep on paying $29.95 a month until you cancel your subscription.

Simple to Use

Not like other service providers out there, it does not monitor your searches and informs you once updates are accessible. But, the database is frequently updated so meaning the information in the report must always be the latest currently available.

Help and Support

This background check site is one of the easiest to use sites today. It has A-rating from the BBB. Customer support is always available if you have concerns or questions.

Peoplesearcher’ reports are full of relevant, helpful information as well as are well designed. Thus, it is a good and reliable site to visit if you want to run a background check.

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