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Protecting Society from Scammers and Criminals: How Background Checks Make a Difference

Background checks are an essential tool in modern society for many reasons. They help prevent fraud, protect public safety, and provide valuable information about a person's past. In this article, we examine why background checks are essential and how they can benefit society in many ways.

Background checks are a critical tool used by employers, landlords, law enforcement, and other organizations to verify the identity and history of an applicant. They provide important information regarding an individual's criminal record, employment history, education, driving record, and other personal data that can affect their eligibility for employment, housing, or other opportunities.

For employers, background checks help ensure that potential employees are honest and reliable, with no criminal history or other issues that could interfere with their job performance. Employers can use these checks to verify an applicant's education, work history, and other credentials, to ensure they are qualified for the job.

Background checks are also important for tenants, as landlords use this information to determine if a potential renter has a history of evictions, unpaid debt, or other issues that could pose a risk to the property owner. This information helps landlords make informed decisions about who they rent to, ensuring that they do not rent to someone with a bad track record.

In the legal system, background checks are used as part of the screening process for jurors, helping to ensure that jurors have no conflicts of interest or biases that could affect their ability to render a fair verdict. Law enforcement also uses this information during criminal investigations, helping to identify suspects and build evidence for trial.

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Background checks can also help prevent fraud, as they can detect falsified documents, such as fake IDs or forged credentials, providing organizations with valuable information about individuals' identities and histories. This can help prevent fraud and identity theft, protecting individuals and businesses from financial losses and other issues.

Moreover, background checks can help protect public safety by identifying individuals who may pose a threat to society, such as sex offenders or those with a history of violent crime. They can help prevent these individuals from being hired for sensitive jobs or gaining access to vulnerable populations, such as children or the elderly. Background checks also help to ensure that individuals with a history of substance abuse or mental illness are not hired for jobs that could pose risks to themselves or others.

Several examples illustrate the importance of background checks in preventing fraud and protecting public safety. For instance, in 2017, a former employee of the Tennessee Department of Human Services was accused of stealing over $2 million in public funds. A background check may have revealed prior criminal activity, preventing the individual from being hired and reducing the risk of this theft.

Another example is the case of a former Uber driver in Michigan, who added fake names to his driving history, allowing him to pass a background check and obtain a job driving for the rideshare company. This individual was later arrested for shooting and killing six people, highlighting the importance of thorough background checks for any job that involves public safety.

One of the most significant benefits of background checks is that they can provide valuable information about an individual's past, helping people make informed decisions about who they interact with. Whether it is an employer hiring a new employee, a landlord renting to a new tenant, or someone seeking a new relationship, a background check can help paint a complete picture of an individual's life history.

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However, there are some concerns about the accuracy of background checks, particularly in cases where the information is incorrect or outdated. This can lead to individuals being wrongly denied employment or other opportunities due to errors on their record.

Moreover, there are some questions about privacy concerns, particularly when it comes to the extensive data gathering that can occur with some types of background checks. Some organizations may collect and store vast amounts of personal data, posing some risks for identity theft and other issues.

In conclusion, background checks are a critical tool for modern society, providing employers, landlords, law enforcement, and other organizations with valuable information about an individual's identity and history. The form of identification helps prevent fraud, protect public safety, and provide important information for making informed decisions about who we interact with in our daily lives. While there are some concerns about the accuracy and privacy of background checks, they remain an essential tool for safeguarding against potential risks and ensuring the wellbeing of individuals and society at large.

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