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The Benefits of Conducting Background Checks Before Hiring

Background Check: Everything You Need to Know

If you are looking to hire a new employee or rent out your property, you might want to consider conducting a background check. A background check can give you insight into a candidate's criminal history, credit score, employment history, and more. In this blog post, we will explore the different methods of background checking and why it’s essential to conduct a check before hiring or renting out.

How to background check?
Fortunately, there are multiple routes one can take to conduct a background check:

Method 1: Online Search Engines
One of the easiest ways to conduct a background check is by using an online search engine like Google. Type in the candidate's name and add keywords like "criminal record" or "arrest records." You can also add in any previous employer’s name, city, or state to gather more information.

Method 2: Hire a Professional Background Checking Agency
Another option is to hire a professional background checking agency. Such an agency can access public records databases, conduct interviews, and provide you with a report on the person's background. However, do note that this step is costlier and takes more time.

Method 3: In-house Checks
Lastly, you can conduct a background check in-house by utilizing data services such as credit score reporting agencies like TransUnion.

The Best way background check?
The best way for most businesses is to do both of these – in-house checks and professional background checks – to have a more comprehensive view of a candidate's background.

Why background check?
It's integral for businesses to undergo a background check to avoid preventable circumstances. Say, for example, a company hires a person without conducting a background check. Later, it is found out that he has a severe criminal record. Now, this can be risky for the company, its employees, and clients, leading to negative consequences down the line. Additionally, businesses can lose money and reputation, so a background check must be conducted before bringing in someone for the team. The same goes for renters.

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Real-life examples and anecdotes
Here are a few examples to help you understand how important it is to conduct a background check:

1. Roommate nightmare:
A person shared a flat with a roommate without conducting a background check, which led to her living with a drug dealer. Things escalated, and the person eventually had to call the police. If only she had done a background check, she would've avoided the entire situation.

2. Hiring a “felon”
A small business owner hired an employee without conducting a background check. Only later, the owner discovered the employee’s criminal history when the police came to the workplace to investigate a mug shot burning on the down the street. This situation could've been prevented by doing a background check.

3. School Volunteer
A school district hired a volunteer without conducting a background check. Later in the year, it was discovered via the police department that the volunteer was registered as a sex offender. If only they had done a background check, they could have prevented a dangerous situation.

The benefits of conducting a background check before hiring someone or renting out are immense. It limits liability, reduces turnover, improves the company's reputation, and ensures the safety of people present on the premises. While you can conduct a preliminary check via online search engines, it's best to have an agency handle and provide a comprehensive report. The consequences of not conducting a background check can be detrimental to your business or your clients. Whether it's due to workplace security risks or a housing issue, take the time to background check to ensure everyone is safe.

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