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The Importance of Trustworthy Employees: Background Checks as a Solution

Why are Background Checks Important in Today's Society?

In our modern society, background checks have become a norm in a variety of industries. From employment to volunteering, education and housing, individuals are often required to undergo a background check. But what is the reason behind this shift towards background checks, and why are they important in today's society?

Background checks help to protect public safety by identifying individuals that may pose a risk. For example, employers utilize background checks to verify an individual's information provided on their resume, including their education, employment history and criminal record. By conducting a background check, employers can ensure they are hiring someone who is truthful and reliable. This can act as a preventative measure to safeguard their company from fraudulent activity or other risks.

One real-life example of this can be seen in the hiring of healthcare providers. These professionals are given access to extremely sensitive and personal information and are responsible for caring for vulnerable populations. Background checks help to identify whether a candidate has a history of mistreating patients, a criminal history, or any other red flags which may pose a threat to public safety. By conducting these checks, healthcare organizations can maintain a high standard of patient care, and reduce the likelihood of malpractice and negligence.

Another industry that relies heavily on background checks is the education sector. Teachers and other school staff are responsible for the education and well-being of children, making it critical to ensure they are safe individuals. A background check can help to identify individuals with a criminal history, including those with a history of child abuse or neglect, making them ineligible to work in a school environment.

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Background checks can also benefit volunteering organizations, such as youth organizations, religious institutions, or community centers. These organizations work with vulnerable populations and have a moral obligation to ensure they are providing a safe environment for those in their care. By conducting background checks, these organizations can identify individuals who may pose a risk to children or other vulnerable populations, and ensure they are not allowed to volunteer.

Beyond protecting public safety, background checks can also help to prevent fraud. This is especially true in the financial sector, where individuals with access to sensitive information could potentially use it for their own personal gain. By conducting thorough background checks, organizations can verify the identities of the individuals they are hiring, thereby reducing the likelihood of fraud and other malicious activity.

One could look to the recent scandal involving the U.S Capitol Riots. Individuals with violent backgrounds and previous criminal records infiltrated the crowd, leading to a storm of violence and chaos. Victims of this violence had their personal and sensitive information leaked in public forums, leading to extreme distress and fear. Background checks would have helped to identify these individuals, and prevent them from accessing the Capitol building, safeguarding public safety.

In conclusion, background checks play a vital role in keeping our society safe. They function as a preventative measure to reduce the likelihood of fraud and protect public safety. By analyzing examples in the healthcare, education, financial, and volunteering sectors, it's clear that background checks serve a crucial purpose in maintaining safe public environments. In a world that continues to experience data breaches and security threats, background checks will remain an integral part of protecting ourselves and our communities.

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