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The Rise of Risk in the Modern Age: Understanding the Importance of Background Checks

In today's society, where people regularly interact with strangers on various online platforms and in-person, background checks hold significant importance to ensure safety and prevent fraud. Whether it's a dating app, a job interview, or screening tenants for a rental property, the safety of individuals and the property is critical. The increasing use of technology and the growth of the gig economy has made it easier for people with questionable motives to masquerade as honest individuals. The use of background checks helps to prevent these occurrences.

Background checks are essentially the process of looking up and compiling criminal, commercial, and financial records of an individual or a company. This process involves verifying credentials, education history, prior work experience, checking references, criminal history, and financial history. By conducting this review, companies can protect themselves from potential fraud while ensuring a safe environment for customers and employees.

Criminal History

One of the most crucial aspects of a background check is the criminal history of an individual. This way, if the person has a history of criminal behavior, the company can avoid hiring them or working with them to prevent potential problems. For instance, if an individual applies for a job at a bank, it is crucial to check their background to ensure they don't have a history of financial crime. Similarly, a background check is vital in the selection of babysitters, nannies, and housekeepers to protect family members and property.

Financial History

Another essential aspect of background checks is verifying an individual's financial history. Some individuals may have a history of bankruptcies, and it is essential to understand the circumstances surrounding them. If an individual files several bankruptcies, it could be an indication that they may not be reliable when it comes to paying their debts. If a company hires a person with a history of financial problems, they can put the company's assets at risk.

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Fraud Prevention

Background checks are also essential in the prevention of fraud. For instance, when choosing a tenant for a rental property, landlords need to conduct a background check to ensure they are renting their property to an individual that is truthful and transparent about their history. Similarly, if a company hires an individual with a history of fraudulent behavior, the company is also putting their customers and employees at risk. These individuals may steal from the company, harm employees, or engage in other forms of criminal activity.

The use of technology has made it easier for people with criminal intentions to masquerade as legitimate individuals. By conducting background checks, companies can catch these individuals and prevent fraud before it even occurs. Some industries, such as banking and financial services, are highly regulated. These companies are required by law to conduct background checks to remain compliant and protect their customers from fraud.

Real-Life Examples

Several real-life examples highlight the importance of background checks and their effectiveness in protecting individuals and minimizing fraud. Consider the case study of Tanya, a woman who met a man on a popular dating app. After a few dates, they started seeing each other frequently. As time passed, Tanya began to notice inconsistencies in her partner's stories and behavior. She became suspicious and decided to conduct a background check. What she found was alarming. Her partner was a convicted felon with several violent criminal offenses to his name. Tanya's investigations saved her from potential harm, and who knows what could have happened had she not conducted a background check.

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Another example is that of a rental property gone wrong. A landlord rented their property to an individual without conducting a background check. The tenant seemed trustworthy and paid rent promptly. After six months of tenancy, the landlord discovered the tenant was a professional scam artist who had victimized several property owners in the past. The landlord lost a significant amount of money, and the property was damaged. Had the landlord conducted a background check, they could have avoided this situation altogether.


Background checks have become crucial in today's society, with people frequently interacting with strangers on various platforms and in-person. The use of technology has made it easier for people with questionable motives to masquerade as honest individuals. By conducting background checks, individuals can protect themselves from potential harm, and companies can protect assets, customers, and employees from potential fraudulent behavior. The importance of background checks can not be understated, and companies and individuals that make use of them are better positioned to prevent fraud and protect public safety.

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