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US Search is a user-friendly background check website and does not need a membership. It is also less transparent compared to other service providers when it comes to how to use the information legally.


  • Allows you to run searches without registering
  • Includes many details in reports
  • Enables users to print the report for free


  • Lack of transparency
  • Leaves out the contact information of basic reports
  • Does not provide mobile application
  • No trial option

This is considered one of the most reasonable background search sites today. A report costs about $39.95 that is one of the lower prices for a full report. One can buy scaled down versions which only include emails, addresses as well as relatives for only $2.45. Subscription costs about $19.95 per month and might be a smart idea if you like multiple reports. However, you need to pay extra charges to get specific information.

Search for Records on People

This background check site can do more than simply finding people. They have access to millions of public records which give their clients the power to acquire thorough information on the person they are looking for.

Services they offer include:

  • Criminal records
  • Background check services
  • Property Records
  • Public Records & many others!

So if you are searching for further details beyond looking for addresses as well as contact information, this background check site can help.

Customize the Search

This site can turn up a remarkable amount of information in its reports. But, which information you will see in the results will reliant on the kind of search you carry out.

People search is the fastest and basic searches. They will turn up the basic personal information of the subjects including age, name, as well as current addresses. Address history and phone numbers are also included.

The reverse phone lookup can turn up the address, name as well as the name of the network carrier of the caller. It works with cell phones, landlines as well as VoIP numbers which include unlisted ones.

US Search Legit or Not?

Like other background check websites out there, US Search extremely clearly publicizes which it might aid you to look for the information which you are not able to uncover yourself and a disclaimer which it’s non-FCRA compliant. It doesn’t claim to have access to exclusive info, but instead that it may be able to show information which didn’t notice or not aware of how to look for your own.


With these choices to select from, it could have been so simple and easy for this background check site to fall into the awkward or not usable territory. However, this is perhaps one of the simplest and easy to use background check site today.

If you click the search option, you will be bombarded with lots of details on what the search entails and why you would utilize it, which include real life case studies. This is ideal if you are not certain which kind of search will give the best results.

Help and Support

US Search is considered one of the comprehensive knowledge bases on the background check site. The thorough FAQ covers administration problems like the billing and also offers information regarding the service as well as how it works.


US Search does not come cheap. However, it is considered one of the most dominant backgrounds check sites today. It doesn’t matter if you want to know who has been calling you, trace a long-lost family member or perform a complete background check on a potential date and business partners. US Search can do it fast and with accurate results.

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