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Why We Need Background Checks Now More Than Ever Before

Background checks have become an essential component of modern society, ensuring that people are who they claim to be and that they are trustworthy. They serve as a valuable tool to help mitigate fraud and protect public safety. This article will examine why background checks are so important and how they can effectively prevent fraud and protect our communities from harm.

The Importance of Background Checks:

When people apply for jobs, schools, or volunteer positions, it is natural to assume that they are being truthful and are who they say they are. However, this is not always the case. In today's society, it is all too easy to create a false identity, and people with malicious intent often use this to their advantage.

Background checks are important because they help verify that applicants are being truthful about their identity and history. These checks can look at a person's criminal history, employment history, education, and credit history. Even a simple check can reveal criminal convictions, driving records, and employment history.

Background checks serve to protect employers, schools, and volunteer organizations from hiring people who may pose a risk to their business or the people they serve. With the ease of creating false identities, it is easy for people with a criminal history to hide this information and gain access to positions that they would be unsuited for.

Preventing Fraud:

Background checks are also an essential tool in preventing fraud. With identity theft, hackers can steal someone's identity and create false documents that can be used to obtain credit cards, loans, and even access to sensitive information. In today's society, it is vital for companies to have policies in place to prevent fraud, and background checks are one of the most effective means to do it.

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By verifying identities, background checks can ensure that people who are legitimately applying for credit or loans receive the benefits they deserve, and those who are attempting to commit fraud are caught. Background checks can also include credit checks and employment references, which can help to identify people who have a history of being dishonest.

Protecting Public Safety:

Background checks are a critical tool in protecting public safety. One of the most significant risks to public safety is the presence of individuals with a criminal history. With background checks, employers, schools, and volunteer organizations can identify individuals who pose a risk to others, and avoid placing them in positions where they can cause harm.

For example, a school may run a background check on a teacher candidate and find that they have a history of drug or alcohol abuse. While drug and alcohol addiction is not necessarily a criminal offense, it can be a red flag that the individual may not be suited for a position that involves working with children.

Similarly, a company that performs a background check on a potential employee may find that they have a criminal history involving violence. By avoiding hiring this individual, they can help protect other employees and customers from harm.

Real-Life Examples:

In the United States, background checks are required for people who wish to purchase a firearm. This is a prime example of how background checks are important in protecting public safety. By conducting a background check, gun sellers can ensure that they are not selling a firearm to someone who could pose a risk to others.

Another example is the importance of background checks in the healthcare industry. In the United Kingdom, the National Health Service requires mandatory background checks for all prospective employees. This policy was put in place in response to a case where a doctor with a known history of drug abuse was allowed to continue practicing, resulting in the deaths of several patients. Had there been a mandatory background check in place, this tragedy could have been avoided.

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Background checks can have a significant impact on people's lives, as they can help determine who is eligible for certain opportunities such as jobs, housing, loan applications, and volunteer work.

Consider the case of Mary, who after years of searching for the perfect job finally received an offer from a reputable company. During the background check process, it was discovered that she had a history of theft and embezzlement from her previous job and had served time in jail. The company chose not to hire her, and Mary was devastated. She had worked hard to turn her life around and was hoping for a fresh start. But thanks to the background check process, the company protected themselves from hiring someone who posed a risk to their business.

Another example of the impact of background checks is when a neighborhood association requires them for renters of their properties. The association may require a background check to protect their community from renters who have criminal histories and may pose a safety risk to others. By complying with the background check process, the association is better equipped to ensure that their community is safe and secure.


Background checks are an essential tool in modern society. They help prevent fraud, protect public safety, and ensure that people are who they say they are. With the ever-increasing risk of identity theft, background checks are becoming more important than ever before. As such, companies and organizations should make it a priority to always run background checks on anyone who will have access to sensitive information, financial data, and the public. By doing so, they can protect their business, their employees, and their community.

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