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Background Check Sites – Will these Top Sites Reveal the Truth that You Are Seeking?

Background checking is done to serve its real purpose; to know more about a particular person. This is mostly done by companies to those potential applicants who they wanted to hire. Sometimes, they hire professionals to do this, or they will check on the character references that you have provided. Or in some instances, they would have one from their company to visit the neighborhood where you live and ask your neighbors about you. Today, with the use of software, you too can do a background check.

Knowing the Top Sites

Have you ever tried doing a background check to yourself? You may think that you are crazy for doing so, but it turns out that you are just one of the many who is just curious. The advancement of technology will never serve its primary purpose if you are not going to use it. The truth is, there are various sites that you visit to check yourself for records; from personal to even if any, criminal records. Some of the known sites are the following:

BeenVerified – with this site, you would also need to spend a few dollars on signing up and be able to access their services for a month. This site can provide you accurate details of your past addresses, phone numbers and even the people associated with you. They can also offer you your “criminal records,” and it depends if you have any. If you wanted to know other helpful information, you would go then ready to pay for extra.

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Truthfinder- This is the site for those who just wanted to find out what will other people found about you once you are searched online. To use the site, you can sign up for the month of membership and entered your name and the state where you live. You will be shown with possible photos, phone numbers, past residence, aliases and even it includes a criminal records section.

The strange part here is that you may be given a profile of a different person with the same name as you. But there are also chances that you can confirm that some of the records provided are true and most of it is not (because it might also be referring to another person). This site is had done an excellent job when it comes to compiling criminal records but the “unlikely criminal records matches” is not quite helpful.

InstantCheckmate – offers a better way for you to view some of your basic details and even your criminal record but you should ready yourself with the other results that will be shown. The site, just like the others, will also let you view some personal information, possible photos, phone numbers, possible associates and even your social media profile. Results may vary, and you may even find yourself “searching” for yourself only to be given with different result.

Finding the truth will set you free. Well, almost, if what you have found out is the truth. Through these sites, you will have a chance to do an easy, safe and affordable way to do a one’s self-background check. But be sure are you are ready with the shocking you might stumble upon along the process. One thing is for sure. There is other information that is displayed accurately on these sites that had been part of the truth that you can never escape.

Top Background Search Companies

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