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Criminal & Employee Background Checks

What exactly is a "Criminal and Employee Background Check" you may ask?

It's when a company wants to make sure they know who they are hiring before they give out the job.
A background check is something everyone must undergo, especially if it is a requirement to getting hired for a job. Many employers and companies use this tool so as to select the best candidate for a position they offer.
Why are background checks necessary?

Background checks are required for jobs that dictate security clearance, others use it to find out if the job application was accurately filled out and the future employee has put down an honest account of their work and education history, such as in a resume or curriculum vitae they submitted, still other background checks are done to find out about the criminal history of a person.

There are reports that indicate at least 40% of information put down on a resume is either partially false or totally inaccurate, and so submitting to a background check for an employee who is interested to get hired is not asking a lot. The employee-to-be can always ask for a copy of the results of that background check.
Of course all companies or employers who are interested in getting their employees to undergo a background check, first need the employee's permission and authorization, and such items as a driver's license and/or social security number will be used and processed in order to verify the person's identity.

The technology used to search information about a person both nationwide and globally is instant and will be sent directly to your computer. It will give the person using it access to an accurate decision making process, since it can check for criminal backgrounds, licenses, and social security numbers and verify and confirm all the relevant statistics and sequences of things that need to be identified about a person.

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