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Finding A Friend

Everyone knows the feeling of getting separated from your loved one or even to your friend. To be reunited again, you would need to hire a professional help find that long lost friend.  Having remembered his or her name by heart and even the phone number can also help but what if that person suddenly changed its name and no longer used that number? Would there still be a chance of finding and meeting again? Well, before it might sound impossible but with today’s technology, everything is possible.

Finding a Friend - Mission Possible

Nothing is impossible, even if it is finding that old friend. How? There are various ways that one can do. Just like following the steps below:

Google your friend’s name – place quotation marks on your friend’s name when you search for it on Google. You can also add other information in the search like their middle name, their home address or if not the state or city that they are with, their old phone number, a university that they have studied from and others. You can even add the place where they worked before with hopes that there will be a search result. If your attempt failed, don’t worry, there are still other options just like the next step…

Search for their relatives’ name – for some reasons, your friend might be one of those who isn’t fond of using their real names on any social media platforms like Facebook. Don’t worry. He or she has their family relatives that you can start with. You can try searching their names on Facebook and from there check on their photos to see if your friend is in their friend’s list. If you find him among them, you can send him a friend request and get connected. If in worst cases that relative doesn’t have any news about your friend, don’t lose hope yet. All you have to do is to ask them any helpful info like your friend’s workplace, last known address and others then do some research.

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Work on your leads – if one of the relatives doesn’t know your friend’s whereabouts, then you can go and contact his other relatives or other friends. You can send them a friend request, but if they didn’t respond, you could also send them a private message. If things still didn’t work, perhaps you can use the help of a traditional mail. You can mail it to your friend’s parents or even grandparents. There is a bigger chance to get a response from this mail than on social

Search on a People Search Engine – you are not the only person who truly wants to get reconnected with a long lost friend. There are even search engines that you can use to find your friend. Before you get all too excited, you need to remember that as these search engines may have a varying quality, the chances of gaining valuable information can be a little thin and even be outdated. Don’t feel hopeless because you might be lucky to find your friend through this search engine finally.

If the search is still of no avail, you might already need to hire for a professional help to work on an online background check. If you want to find this dear friend then don’t give up, continue searching for him, and you will be reconnected if not today, maybe the next day.

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