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Free Background Checks: Searching For People Online Made Easy

You may have already heard about people getting reconnected through social media. Almost everyone has their social media accounts, hoping that one day their friend will search for them and then find them. The online world seems like it is intertwined with the entire universe that permits those who seek will truly find what they are looking for. Just like if you wanted to know more about a particular, you could easily do it through searching online.

Searching for People Online

People have their reasons why they are trying their best to search for the name and other information about this person to finally know his whereabouts and get reconnected, or you are an employer whom you just wanted to make sure if it is safe to hire this persona and so on.  However, doing a search or background check can be a bit costly and would even require hiring a professional for help. Before you do that option, there are other ways that you can do and it is for free.

How? You can try searching for people in the following ways, for free:

Social media account – aside from the well-known social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, there are various other platforms where you try searching the person’s name and get a glimpse of info. In some cases, you may stumble upon a different person even with the same name. Don’t worry, if that happens, you can ignore that account and move on to the other accounts you found on the search results. You could also try searching for their relatives, and maybe it can take you to what you are looking for instead

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Sex Offender Database – this is may not be the best way to search for your friend’s name, but you can use it for another purpose. If you are worried about the person whom you have doubts about in befriending your children or your friends, you search for his name using this database and get the proper answers to your worries. It may not be offered entirely free, but safety comes first, and the search will also be worthwhile.

Google searches and Google News – Google has all the answers to your queries. You can google your friend’s name together with the other info that you have like his home address, state, city, previous workplace and even the school or university he attended. In case your friend made it to the headlines, then the Google news is indeed a big help. If you have any photos of your friend, then you can still use it by doing the reverse photo search. This search will give you possible matches, and if lucky, the perfect match is just with a few clicks away.

Aside from the abovementioned, there are also sites that can help you do some background check on a particular person and finally meet him. Some of them offer a paid service so it may require you to pay a little extra for a comprehensive search. As long as it will lead you to your goal of finding your friend or knowing more about a person, then spending a few will be worthwhile.

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