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How to Perform a Background Check on a Potential Online Date

Time passes and you are ready to finally meet Mr. Right. However, as much of a hopeless romantic as you are, you do realize that there may be some risks involved with meeting someone in person that you found online. Therefore, you decide to run a background check on your date. When executed properly, a background check can tell you tons of valuable information about your potential date including whether he or she is married, his or her real age and even if your date has a criminal past. However, you may be new to the world of people searching and may not know which information is necessary to perform an accurate background check. In addition, if you were missing some of this required information and needed to obtain it from your date, you would want to do it in a smooth and comfortable manner without your date finding out. Relax, both of these goals can easily be accomplished if you keep the following tips in mind:

First off, before you go and try to probe your date for specific information such as his social security number or date of birth, you should realize that this type of information may not even be needed to perform an effective online background check. Thus, you may not need to ask a strange or awkward question to your date like, "If I were you, what city would I have been born in?", because this information may not even be required. Due to the technical sophistication of sites like, you only need basic information about your date to perform a background check. Simple information such as Mr. Right's first name, last name, city of residence and age is really all the information that you will probably need. Therefore, before you try to do some detective work on your own, check with the people search web site that you will be using to perform your background check to determine exactly which type of information you need to obtain accurate people search results.

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If you do need to obtain some additional or basic information from your date to perform your background check, there is no need to panic. Casually asking questions like, "Do you have any brothers or sisters?" or "Where are you from again...were your born there too?" are not too difficult for most people to ask. Remember to relax and ask your questions in a calm and friendly manner. Additionally, most of the required information needed to perform a background check is very basic and really doesn't delve too deep into one's past. Therefore, it shouldn't be too tough to obtain from your date. If your date is hesitant to give you this type of information, you probably should look elsewhere for Mr. Right.

Finally, you can rest assured that you made the right choice by looking into the past of your date. Not only are online background checks affordable, these checks are also completely anonymous. Therefore, your date will never know that you performed a background check on them.

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