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Reasons for Running a Background Check on Job Candidates

You have been searching long and hard for a good job opportunity. Finally, you get one and the interview goes really well. However, the prospective employer informs you that they will be running a background check before you are hired for the job. A number of people get tensed up at the thought of background check because it may reveal information that they don't want to share with everyone. But, employers these days refuse to hire people without checking their background because they believe that it's better to be safe than sorry. A huge number of businesses are using background checks nowadays during the hire process to ensure they get the right candidate.

Some of the reasons why background checks have become crucial today are:

Job Competence: Generally, employers do not assume that people applying for jobs are lying on their job applications and resumes. Nevertheless, they opt to use a background check as a reliable tool for the verification of claims that are made by job seekers during the interview and hiring process. This is because the employment market has become very tight, which has enhanced the appeal of overstating job histories and educational qualifications. Therefore, screening the potential employee is just a way of ensuring that they are qualified for the job.

Workplace Safety: There are certain responsibilities that have to be borne by an employer for the welfare of employees and for the safety of clients as well. Therefore, the employer will thoroughly check the background of an individual with the aid of background check software to verify that the person being hired is not dangerous in any way. Otherwise, claims of negligent hiring may be filed against the employer or company.

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Workplace Theft: A business is aware that theft is performed everywhere mostly with the help of insiders. As a matter of fact, one out of every 36 employees is apprehended for stealing from their employers. With background checks, employers are able to make informed and intelligent hiring decisions for reducing their risk of theft.

Honesty and Integrity: The integrity and honesty of an applicant can be seen through a confirmed fabrication or misstatement made by them. Lots of people tend to embellish their credentials for getting a job and this can have an impact on the reputation of employers later on. Therefore, employers are careful enough to run background checks for eliminating this problem.

The bottom line is that employers have always valued the reputation of their organization because it takes years to build it up. The best and qualified workers are usually attracted by highly regarded organizations. With background checks, employees are able to safeguard their name in the market and also create a more secure and safer work environment. Every business wishes to hire qualified employees and a background check is ideal for shortlisting a long list. Permission is taken from an individual before a background check is performed and it is not done for discrimination purposes, but only for assurance.

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