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Should There Be Background Checks on Weapon Purchases?

Under the current system sales of weapons are covered by federally licensed gun dealers. More and more advocates including the President are advocating more gun control to keep weapons out of criminal and mentally ills hands. I agree. Pennsylvania Republican Senator Pat Toomey and West Virginia Democratic Senator Joe Manchin are working on a deal for checks of gun purchases at gun shows and internet sales.

Eleven family members of the Sandy Hook Elementary School victims will be flying back with Obama. They plan to lobby lawmakers in support of gun control. I cannot imagine loosing family victims in school shootings. This is just unthinkable, yet it happened. For those that are fighting to not have gun control that is really like a slap in the face for those that have lost family in the tragic shooting. A renewed band on assault-style weapons and high capacity magazines has been dropped from the main bill, but still may get a vote for as an amendment.

Obama brings out great points in his talk to Connecticut. He talks about the importance of asking where your members of Congress stands on background check. If they are not a part of the 90% of Americans that agree on background checks, then why not? I agree these are important questions to have answered by Congress in every state. Because I mentioned in my article Should There Be an Anti-Bullying Law? 2011, that Michigan and Montana as of November 30, 2011, were the last 2 states that did not have anti-bully laws. Since that time the law was changed in Michigan, but will Michigan be behind again on the gun control law? I surely hope not. There definitely should be background checks for weapon purchases.

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