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Should You Submit to a Background Check for Care.Com? is a company that offers a database of jobs related to housekeeping, childcare, tutoring, pet sitting and more. Members can pick and choose jobs within a certain distance from their home, which is a convenient feature. Once you sign up for though, should you submit to a background check?

Improve Your Chance of Being Hired

It is free to sign up to and to browse available jobs that you might be qualified for. However, if you want to improve your chances of being hired, you should consider submitting to a background check. It costs just $8.00 for a background check and takes just a few days to hear back from A background check adds credibility and reliability to your profile.

Do You Have Something to Hide?

If your profile provides full, detailed information about your credentials as a pet sitter and goes on and on about the years you have spent caring for rescued or abandoned animals in your own home, but there is no background check on file, prospective employers are likely to wonder why. Many will become suspicious and wonder if you have something to hide, such as a criminal conviction and time spent behind bars. A glowing personal profile will not count for much if you cannot back up your claims with proof that you are not a convicted criminal.

Backs Up Your Claims

A background check will back up your claims of being a trustworthy individual and will significantly improve your chances of being hired. Once prospective employers can see for themselves that you have a clean police record, they will feel more confident about contacting you to learn more about your suitability for the job.

See also  GOP Sen. Toomey’s Support of Background Checks Lifts Poll Numbers, May Encourage Others members are not under any obligation to submit to a background check, but doing so can significantly improve their chances of being hired. A background check will prove that you do not have a criminal record and will back up your claims of being a trustworthy and reliable individual. Prospective employers want to make sure that they are entrusting their child, pet or elderly relative to a person who will care for their needs, rather than abuse them. A background check will do much to allay their fears.

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